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Mont Joly

Hiking Start: Contamine Montjoie, 1147m ASL

Hiking: 1379Hm, 4-5h

Takeoff Point: Mont Joly, 2509m ASL (near the antenna on the ridge)

Takeoff Type: Grass

Takeoff Direction: E / S

Landing Options: Farmers field West of Contamine Montjoie / Saint Gervais pool official landing

Advantages: Glorious view over the Mont Blanc Massif. The hike to Mont Joly can be shorten through the Bettex Cable Car mid station starting from Saint Gervais (1100Hm 3-4h)

Disadvantages: Not ideal in the evening due to sun exposure. Takeoff exposed to meteowind from all directs

Caution: Too much fun

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