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Refuge de Plan Glacier

Through trees, green meadows and alpine rock terrain - this tour has it all

Hiking Start: Le Gruvaz, 1115m ASL

Hiking: 1640Hm, 4-5h

Takeoff Point: Refuge de Plan Glacier, 2696m ASL (takeoff is a few meters before arrival to Plan Glacier hut, on a wide ridge which is the path leading to the hut)

Takeoff Type: Rocky Ridge

Takeoff Direction: W / S

Landing Options: Farmers field in Gruvaz / St. Gervais official landing by the swimming pool / Bellevue lift station

Advantages: Especially suitable for takeoff toward late afternoon. Refreshment can be made mid-route at the Miage hut (see map) and at the Plan Glacier hut near the takeoff. Could be combined with sleeping over at the charming Plan Glacier hut. Protected glide when strong East wind. The Tour can be shorten if arrival from Bellevue lift station (though it is not possible to glide back there)

Disadvantages: Snow patches could be found early summer near the takeoff. Demanding hike

Caution: Could be a tricky takeoff on the rocky ridge

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