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Pointe Noire de Pormenaz

Through an alpine lake away from these silly hikers

Hiking Start: Servoz, 823m ASL

Hiking: 1486Hm, 3-4h

Takeoff Point: Pointe Noire de Pormenaz, 2305m ASL

Takeoff Type: Rocky when facing North or grass when facing South

Takeoff Direction: N / S

Landing Options: Servoz farmers fields / Plaine Joux (tricky if windy) / Chedde official landing (1-2h away from start)

Advantages: Can be shorten if starting from Lac Vert (parking) but landing in Plaine Joux is less ideal if windy

Disadvantages: Not ideal for evening Hike and Fly

Caution: Could be a tricky takeoff without the right wind. The hiking passage with the chains above Chalets du Souay could be delicate in snowy conditions early in the summer

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