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Platé de Passy

Touring the Fizz range

Hiking Start: Plateau d'Assy, 1000m ASL

Hiking: 1171Hm, 3-4h

Takeoff Point: Platé, 2136m ASL, further west to the Platé hut

Takeoff Type: Grass

Takeoff Direction: S

Landing Options: Farmers fields at Plateau d'Assy (near the football field) / Possible to land also in Chedde official landing if you are ok to hike 1-2h to the start of the route. 

Advantages: Possible to shorten the hike by starting from Plaine Joux (landing there could be tricky in windy conditions). Ideal for morning and afternoon touring. Protected glide when strong North wind. Refreshment is possible at Platé hut (see map)

Disadvantages: I can't think of any

Caution: Not recommended in strong West wind

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