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Mont Blanc du Tacul

Climb&Fly a 4k summit in half a day - anywhere else in the world that would be fiction - but not in Chamonix

Hiking Start: Aiguille du Midi, top of the cable car, 3842m ASL

Hiking: 689Hm, 4-5h

Takeoff Point: Mont Blanc du Tacul shoulder, 4100m ASL (West of the summit before descending back through the north slope)

Takeoff Type: Glacier, Snow summit

Takeoff Direction: W to N

Landing Options: Bois du Bouchet - official landing of Chamonix

Advantages: Easy to climb solo in good condition. Short though a full-blown alpine tour. 

Disadvantages: Takeoff is not allowed during July and August

Caution: Although short it's still a high altitude beast - respect it. On warm days watchout the seracs hanging above the north slope of the ascend. After snowfall the avalanche risk remains high for a few days. Better Try in stable conditions. If failed to takeoff - ensure sufficient time to walk back to the lift before closure

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