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Mont Blanc

The highest in the alps - a must tour for every Paraalpinist

Hiking Start Day 1: Les Houches, bottom of Bellevue lift, 1003m ASL

Hiking Start Day 2: Goûter Hut, 3835m ASL

Hiking Day 1: 2863Hm, 7-8h (can be shorten)

Hiking Day 2: 1000Hm, 4-6h, PD I-II alpine/climbing grade

Takeoff Point: Mont Blanc Summit, 4808m ASL

Takeoff Type: Glacier, snow summit

Takeoff Direction: N / E to SW

Landing Options: Les Houches farmers fields (though from 4808m you can land anywhere from Sallanches to Aosta valley)

Advantages: Relatively easy takeoff. The route can be climbed solo by experienced mountaineers. If too windy at the summit it is possible to takeoff lower at Dome du Goûter (4304m), above the Goûter hut (3835m) or Tête Rousse hut (3167m). It is possible to shorten the hike of the first day by taking the cable car from Les Houches to Bellevue (1800m) or the train from Saint Gervais to Nid d'Aigle (2362m). The last will leave only 1470Hm to hike up to Goûter hut (but ultimately starting and landing back at the car at Les Houches is the “clean” way)

Disadvantages: Not allowed for takeoff during July and August. Busy route. Exposed to meteowinds. Hard to reserve at the Goûter Hut (one can instead sleep in Tête Rousse hut). Acclimatization is strongly recommended. Be prepared to walk down if windy

Caution: Watchout crossing the Grand Couloir - its bombarding at the end of the summer (ideally cross it early morning). Tricky takeoff in West wind

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