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La Junction

A classic hike in Chamonix - go fly it

Hiking Start: Bosson chairlift parking, 1041m ASL

Hiking: 1553Hm, 4-5h

Takeoff Point 1 Facing SE to W: Small grass patch at 2300m ASL (on the shoulder at 2300m there is a small hill to the north of the path. The takeoff from the grass facing SE to W can be used to glide toward the West side or the East side on the rib

Takeoff Point 2 Facing N: Small grass patch at 2250m ASL (the path at 2254m deviate slightly West toward the Bosson glacier - there one can find a “comfortable” place to takeoff. See map)

Takeoff Type: Mixed grass and rock

Landing Options: Farmers field East of Bosson village (near the Bosson chairlift parking, south of the highway)

Advantages: Awesome for sunset riding down the Bosson glacier. Possible to shorten the hike by taking the chairlift (saving approx. 40min). Refreshment available mid-route at Pyramid hut

Disadvantages: Not allowed during July and Aug. Could be a tricky takeoff due to wind direction from both sides of the rib or the takeoff surface

Caution: Watchout the power lines at the landing. If you fly proximity the Bosson glacier then watchout the down drift

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