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Dômes de Miage

A splendid traverse, arguably the best of its grade on the Mont Blanc massif

Hiking Start Day 1: Cugnon parking, 1161m ASL

Hiking Start Day 2: Conscrits Hut, 2614m ASL

Hiking Day 1: 1575Hm, 4-5h

Hiking Day 2: 1065Hm, 3-4h, PD alpine grade

Takeoff Point: Dômes de Miage, 3673m ASL (takeoff is SW below the SW summit)

Takeoff Type: Glacier, snow summit

Takeoff Direction: SW to NW

Landing Options: Farmers fields West of Contamine Montejo / Saint Gervais pool official landing 

Advantages: The route can be climbed solo by experienced mountaineers, ultimately even in a single push. If too windy in altitude it is possible also to takeoff from Conscrits hut (2614m) though it is a more technical takeoff (keep high to clear the Tré la Tête valley). Refreshment is available at Tré la Tête hut

Disadvantages: Takeoff is officially not allowed on the South side of the mountain - its a national reserve

Caution: Easy tour but nonetheless - it's a high alpine tour

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