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Dome Des Glaciers

2 days Climb and Fly between France and Italy

Hiking Start Day 1: La Ville des Glaciers, 1858m ASL

Hiking Start Day 2: Robert Blanc Hut, 2737m ASL

Hiking Day 1: 956Hm, 3-4h

Hiking Day 2: 800Hm, 4-5h, PD I-II alpine/climbing grade

Takeoff Point: Dome Des Glaciers, 3592m ASL

Takeoff Type: Glacier / Snowy summit

Takeoff Direction: S

Landing Options: La Ville des Glaciers by the start of the route

Advantages: Relatively easy and scenic alpine ridge that can be done solo by the experienced mountaineers. The route is normally in conditions from late spring through autumn. Relatively easy takeoff for an high alpine terrain. A glide could be made almost to Skyway Monte Bianco or Saint Gervais

Disadvantages: Glacier could be heavily crevassed. Not really feasible without staying a night at the hut

Caution: High Alpine terrain

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