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Col de Tricot

A short tour through green meadows - a must in sunset

Hiking Start: Le Champel parking, 1205m ASL

Hiking: 965Hm, 2-3h

Takeoff Point: Col de Tricot, 2116m ASL

Takeoff Type: Grass

Takeoff Direction: S / N

Landing Options if Gliding S: La Gruvaz farmers field

Landing Options if Gliding N: Farmers fields down in Saint Gervais valley (watchout the power lines)

Advantages: Good for soaring over the south face of Mont Vorassay in South or South-West wind. Perfect for late afternoon and evening tour. Refreshment is available mid-route at the Miage hut (see map)

Disadvantages: Landing at Le Champel is not recommended and hiking back to the car after landing at Gruvaz is approx 30min

Caution: The takeoff is in partial lee-side when West wind

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