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Col de la Terrasse

A big circle glide where once dinosaurs walked

(no shit - dinosaurs remaining were found by the Emosson lake)

Hiking Start: La Buet, 1335m ASL

Hiking: 1322Hm, 3-4h

Takeoff Point: Col de la Terrasse, 2640m ASL, further north of the col one can find some flat small stony area to takeoff. It's not evident and it's easier if covered with snow. The direction of the glide is North and then turn East above Emosson lake, once crossing the dam turn South back to the starting point

Takeoff Type: Rock / Snow early summer

Takeoff Direction: N / NE 

Landing Options: Farmers fields available throughout Vallorcine valley

Advantages: Awesome wild tour which is rarely done. Refreshment available at Loriaz (see map)

Disadvantages: Could be tricky takeoff. The glide might not be sufficient back to the car in La Buet so prepare to walk a few minutes back

Caution: The glide without thermal is long so ensure to takeoff in nil wind valley (1:6 glide ratio is sufficient though). Ensure enough altitude above the lake

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