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Aiguilles Rouges Traverse

A classic circle through Lac Blanc and the 'Grand Balcon Sud'

Hiking Start: Argentière, 1257m ASL (parking near Intersport shop)

Hiking: 1154Hm, 3-4h

Takeoff Point: Flégère, 1877m ASL 

Takeoff Type: Grass

Takeoff Direction: E / NE

Landing Options: Argentière (farmers field next to the camping area) / Bois du Bouchet - Chamonix’s official landing

Advantages: It is possible to shorten the hike by takeoff from Lac Blanc hut (tricky takeoff + officially restricted as a reserve). The takeoff from Flégère is official and as easy as one can be. Refreshment is available mid-route at Lac Blanc hut or at Flégère. Brilliant panoramic view over the Mont Blanc Massif

Disadvantages: Not ideal in the evening: back wind can start early evening. Busy route around Lac Blanc to Flégère

Caution: Wind-valley in Chamonix valley can be too strong during midday in summer

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