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Aiguille du Tour

Through the Trient glacier to one of the most light&fun summits on the massif

Hiking Start Day 1: Col de Balme, top of the Charamillon cable car starting from Le Tour, 2200m ASL

Hiking Start Day 2: Albert Premier Hut, 2702m ASL

Hiking Day 1: 540Hm, 1-2h

Hiking Day 2: 770Hm, 3-4h, F I-II alpine/climbing grade

Takeoff Point: Below Col Supérieur du Tour, 3120m ASL (descend back from the summit to the beginning of the corridor leading to the Col Supérieur - see map)  

Takeoff Type: Glacier

Takeoff Direction: NW to SW

Landing Options: Le Tour near the lift station / NE of Argentiere by the camping site / You can stretch the glide to Bois du Bouchet - Chamonix’s official landing  

Advantages: The route can be climbed solo by experienced mountaineers, ultimately can fit easily into one day. One can shorten the route by avoiding the summit and takeoff upon arrival under the Col Supérieur

Disadvantages: Busy route. The glacier could be heavily crevassed 

Caution: Watchout on the final slopes for black ice at the end of the summer

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